The institute started its activity in 2007, the European Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Education is a leader in the field of retraining Nutrition, complementary / natural medicine, integrative psychology and metaphysics. We offer a unique program of online and distance individual learning programs oriented toward bachelor's degree, master's and doctorate degree of the European Institute.

     Weekend Program, as well as distance learning programs give students the opportunity to receive additional education and grasp new knowledge, continuing an active life and work in society.

Training Programs offered by the Institute are a synthesis of knowledge, independent research and practical experience of our teachers. We offer a learning process that continues and deepens your education. As our student, you will take more responsibility for your education, as you will have the possibility of deeper studying of the favorite subjects. You will set their own goals and participate in the development of your curriculum.

     We offer a distance learning program for training programs connected with practical and clinical training, which means that your self-study includes: independent research; more extensive study of literature; new theories and their practical application. Visiting seminars, workshops and training, you will gain great experience. This requires a high level of self-motivation and discipline. Our new idea is self-discipline includes: planning; communication with teachers and peers; experimentation; problem solving; self-expression; self-esteem and integration of your research into practical experience.

     It is important to strengthen these skills, as they will be valuable tools later in life, they can be strengthened thanks our training programs and your individual work. At this difficult time, cultural evolution and rapid change are noticable at all levels of life, these adaptive methods and skills could be most valuable in your profession and everyday life.

- Short courses of up to 24 hours
- Courses in several stages, to 150 hours
- Special multi-level courses and training programs
- Specialist of 1 category
- Specialist of the Нighest category
- International Class Specialist

Structure of the Institute 
The Institute is composed of 2 parts (day and remote) and consists from 3 faculties.
- Department of Rehabilitation, Psychology and Health
- Department of Business Psychology and Personal uprising
- Department of Metaphysics
Each of the Faculty has a database to help our foreign students from Eastern Europe.

    In our Institute there are more than 20 outstanding teachers and practitioners, fluent in English, Latvian, Moldovan, German, Polen, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech and support our students in achieving their career goals.

     Our curators of educational groups are the leading experts in Europe on Nutrition, complementary / natural medicine, integrative psychology and metaphysics. Exceptionally all have doctorates, not only in their disciplines but also in teaching, so they also help to change the lives of our students for the better. 
You can contact us by phone: +48733517026 +37253265088 or e-mail: 

The Institute is a private commercial organization, registered in the city of Krakow, Poland. All information relating to the licensed public education, presented on our web page for the purpose of information.